10 Years After Rana Plaza: Tales by Solid's Commitment to Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

10 Years After Rana Plaza: Tales by Solid's Commitment to Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

April 22nd - 29th marks Fashion Revolution Week, which is an annual campaign bringing together the world’s largest fashion activism movement for seven days of action.

This year marks 10 years since the Rana Plaza tragedy. On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh collapsed in a preventable accident. More than 1,100 people died and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. During Fashion Revolution Week, we are #RememberingRanaPlaza and the lives lost, and demand that no one dies for fashion. 

On this solemn 10th anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy, Tales by Solid reaffirms our unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion and homeware industry. To remember this occasion, we've put together 10 bullet points that reflect our ongoing efforts to promote fair and responsible practices throughout our entire supply chain.

  1. Tales by Solid uses natural, sustainable materials, such as pure baby alpaca yarn and deadstock fabrics, to create our fair fashion and homeware products.

  2. Our products are handmade by skilled artisans in our own ateliers. We prioritize the wellbeing and prosperity of our artisans by providing fair wages, social support, and capacity building programs.

  3. We promote transparency by providing information about our production process and materials on our website.

  4. Tales by Solid supports circularity by reducing waste throughout the production process and using natural materials that are biodegradable or recyclable.

  5. We are in the process of obtaining WFTO certification to demonstrate our commitment to fair trade and ethical manufacturing practices.

  6. Tales by Solid encourages customers to buy less, buy better and take care of their clothes to promote sustainability.

  7. We work exclusively with local artisans and utilize traditional techniques to create our products. We value the talents of these women and provide them with meaningful work, which helps to support their families and the local economy.

  8. Our packaging is made from eco-friendly materials, such as FSC-certified paper and biodegradable plastics.

  9. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and support initiatives to offset the environmental impact of our operations.

  10. Tales by Solid believes in the power of collaboration and works with other organizations and individuals who share our values to promote a fair and sustainable fashion industry.

By prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices in everything we do, Tales by Solid is dedicated to creating a better future for our planet and the people who call it home. Join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Fashion Revolution and supporting a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry.

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