Will you join us in this year's Fashion Revolution?

Will you join us in this year's Fashion Revolution?

Between Monday 15th and Wednesday 24th April, join us in marking 10 years of Fashion Revolution with 10 days of action. The annual campaign bringing together the world’s largest fashion activism movement.

What does it mean to be part of the revolution? First of all, everyone has a part to play in building a fashion industry that puts people and planet first, but getting started can seem daunting.

Anyone can join the revolution.

No two people look the same or lead a “perfect” lifestyle. We each have the power as global citizens to transform the ecosystem. You don’t need to be doing everything but we do need everyone to do something, however big or small.

There are different ways to take part in the revolution.

Transforming the fashion industry isn’t an overnight task. It will take many people, approaches and perspectives to get there, including your own! Fashion Revolution is led by the diversity of a Global Network across 75 countries, where the revolution takes place in unique ways. Our individual efforts differ to help us achieve our shared goal sooner: a fair, safe, clean, transparent and accountable fashion industry.

The revolution is collaborative.

The revolution does not work alone but in partnership with other social and environmental movements. We are all one; we are connected. Just as fashion is a feminist issue, it is a race and climate one too. Fashion is a part of the problem and we can all be part of the solution.

The revolution needs everyone, everywhere.

Fashion Revolution’s strength lies in the global community. International solidarity binds us on a shared mission to build a fashion industry that protects its workers and the environment.


At Solid, we’ve had both our people and our planet at the center of what we do since the early days. When we say we take responsability, we mean just that. Our annual rapports are here for everyone who’s interested, as we take transparency very seriously. We choose to invest in our people, in training not only their professional skills, but by supporting their families as well. A mission close to our hearts.

We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet. Will you join us?