The story of the moth

For our little moth to make sense, we have to go back in time. At the beginning, our handmade items were made under the name Bombyx. This refers to the bombyx mori, a silk moth used for cruelty free silk. This little animal completed its transformation and crawled out of its cocoon, before the cocoon was used for the production of silk. This is opposed to the regular silk production, where the butterfly and moth larvae get burned alive before they complete their transformation.

That’s what we stood for then and still stand for today: cruelty free, as well for the animals that provide us with the resources we need as the people that make our products.

And as the Bombyx moth is allowed to grow, so do we also allow our artisans to prosper. We don’t use them for profit, but see them as the most important resource we have. We urge them to grow and to spread their wings.

We also don’t take from them without giving back. Our profit goes right back to them in form of fair wages, day care for their children, education and medical care. We believe that by empowering these women, we can empower a whole community.

We choose for handmade, which results in unique products. And that uniqueness can also be found in our little moth. Its wings aren’t completely identical, which can also be said of our handmade products. No two products are the same. Every single handmade product is a once in a lifetime item, handmade with love and skill.

We also like being different and do what moths do best: gnawing away at the big web of fabric that is fast fashion.

Let’s rise by lifting others.