Hadithi Baskets

Tales by Solid’s goal is to offer transparent and exquisite craftsmanship. These baskets, which we produce together with our partner Hadithi in Kenya, allow us to offer a livelihood to more than 1700 families.

The unique hand-woven baskets are each handmade by Kenyan women in the Kasigau region, rich in biodiversity and wildlife. The people of Kasigau live by farming. With increasing drought, harvests often fail, and they start looking for alternative income.

When the need is high, environmentally unfriendly practices, such as wildlife poaching and destruction of forests for charcoal, timber, and more farmland to survive, soon emerge. Tales by Solid, with local partner Hadithi, helps women switch to a new, sustainable form of income from their creativity and craftsmanship.

Indeed, basket weaving is a skill that women in Kasigau have long mastered. The baskets are made with sisal, a plant that grows naturally there. In each basket, the women put their own creativity. They choose the colours and patterns themselves, making each basket truly unique. Each woman writes her own name in her creations. So, one woman made it especially for you.

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