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Bread & Fruit Basket

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Native to Kenya, these baskets will become quickly one of your favourites! The practical weave baskets are the perfect home accessory with their beautiful natural aesthetic. Baskets are always good at controlling the clutter. Perfect for toys, brushes, or use them as a storage basket for your blankets, magazines or even firewood …you name it. They are also great as a practical shopper. You can also refresh planters by sliding pots inside the baskets and making it a decorative planter.

Often made during the dry season when the crop is growing on the fields, these baskets generate a direct income for hard-working families.Β 

Each Tales by Solid * Hadithi basket carries the name and a picture of the artisan who made it with pride.


Height: 7,5 cm
Diameter: 30 cm

  • From sisal plant to basket

    The baskets are made from strong and durable sisal fibre fuse age-old culture seamlessly with contemporary design. The sisal is grown either on farms belonging to the basket weavers, or else purchased from sisal estate nearby. The leaves of the sisal plant are used to obtain a fibre which is rolled to twine, and then be woven to a basket.

    The weavers from the Kasigau Weaver’s Group dye the fibres themselves and then roll the twine on their lap. Making baskets is a very labour-intensive art. The baskets come in several different colours and patterns, with each design entirely made up by these artistic Taita ladies!

  • What makes it a practical basket?

    Practical baskets are made of medium thick twine (the fine weave baskets are made of a lot thinner twine). Consequently, the baskets are heavier and stronger, and have less knots density per square inch than their fine weave counterparts of the same size. Thanks to a tight weave and a slightly chunkier twine, these baskets are sturdier and keep their shape better, ideal for home use.