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Handcrafted in Ranchi, India, each jacket is a masterpiece created by our talented artisans. Using one-of-a-kind vintage sari fabrics, they weave together a blend of heritage and sustainability.

Our sleeveless design offers a modern twist, allowing you to style the jacket open or closed according to your preference. Complete with a matching belt, you can effortlessly define your waist and enhance your look.

The thoughtful addition of pockets ensures practicality without compromising on style. Safely store your essentials while adding an extra touch of functionality to your outfit.

With a length of 64 cm, our jackets offer a flattering fit for various body types. Each piece is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail of our artisans.

By choosing our Sleeveless Kantha Jackets, you support ethical practices and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry. Make a statement that celebrates your individuality and the skilled artisans behind each creation.

Experience the beauty of handcrafted fashion. Shop our Sleeveless Kantha Jackets today!

*Note: In our final design, we made the intentional choice to remove the loops seen in the photos, as we opted for the full option of wearing the jacket completely open or cinching it with the belt. For added convenience, the belt can be easily tucked away in the pockets.

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