Meet our Hadithi Baskets

The unique hand-woven baskets are each handmade by Kenyan women in the Kasigau region, rich in biodiversity and wildlife. The people of Kasigau live by farming. With increasing drought, harvests often fail, and they start looking for alternative income.

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The Tracey Giftbox

We're offering an exceptional discount on our hand-knitted alpaca scarves made by our knitting mothers in Ayacucho, Peru. These scarves won't be featured in our future collections and are being sold at a discounted price. This discount, however, does not mean that we are paying our knitting mothers any less; they have already received fair and honest compensation for their work. The discount only affects our own margin, which we're willing to sacrifice to bring warmth and comfort to our customers. We would rather have our customers enjoy these beautiful, sustainably made scarves than have a few left over. Join us in supporting our knitting mothers and shop these cosy scarves today!

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The why of it all

Fashion as a good force of good

Tales by Solid is a modern, contemporary brand of handmade, sustainable products designed to last. We are driven by ethics as well as aesthetics. Our goal is to offer transparent and exquisite craftsmanship. Each of our responsibly made products has a story to tell, and through every purchase positive connections are made. Join us in our quest of using fashion as a vehicle for social change and a force of good. Fashion hand crafted with a soul and a story. Because how it is made, does matter.

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