Embracing Change: Tales by Solid's new journey and exclusive farewell offerings

Embracing Change: Tales by Solid's new journey and exclusive farewell offerings

Dear customers of Tales by Solid,

As we step into the possibilities of the upcoming year, Solid warmly welcomes you to a fresh chapter filled with handmade beauty, craftsmanship, elegance, simplicity, and most importantly, joy.

We're also excited to share an important update that signifies both an end and a new beginning.

As a brand committed to fair fashion, interior, and lifestyle, we have always strived to create conscious choices for our customers. We are proud to say that even in these challenging times, we have grown and flourished, thanks to your unwavering support and trust.

With our small and dedicated team, our continuous focus has always been on making the greatest impact for our artisans in India, Peru, and Kenya. After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue our own brand, Tales by Solid. This decision has been made with a view to returning to our roots: fully focusing on custom production for other conscious brands, a service we have proudly offered for years. 

Although the name Tales by Solid will disappear, our essence remains unchanged. The skills of our artisans will still find a place in your wardrobes, interiors, and lifestyles, albeit under a different name. Our mission remains the same: to create sustainable, beautiful products and provide fair employment to our artisans, their families, and the communities they belong to.

We will continue to offer a selection of our products at our retail points, but under the name of the respective stores. This means that while the Tales by Solid brand name may not be present, our products and their unique value will persist in the market.

In addition, we are currently offering our existing stock of Tales by Solid products at discounted prices. This is your chance to acquire unique, handmade pieces that embody our brand's commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. These one-of-a-kind items will be available for a limited time, so we encourage you to act swiftly to secure these treasures. Once they're gone, they're truly gone, as there is often just one of each in the entire world.

To make the most of this opportunity, we invite you to follow us online for the latest updates (insta talesbysolid_) and to explore both our digital and brick-and-mortar sales channel. Our physical clearance sale is set to conclude this chapter with a flourish, providing a rare opportunity to purchase these exceptional items in person. 

We are incredibly grateful to you as a sustainable consumer for the life-changing impact of your purchases. We hope you will continue to enjoy your items for a long time and that you will continue to support us by spreading the word about the last sales of our products.

Our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, fairness and sustainability remains steadfast, now and in the future. We eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead.

We are excited to walk this new path, one that further enables us to support our artisans and strengthen their communities. Your support and word-of-mouth are invaluable in reshaping the fast fashion and production industry. Together, we have the power to make a lasting impact. We're stronger together!


As always, with love,
Tales by Solid